Boundless Africa Safaris is an owner-run specialist boutique tour operator, that tailor-makes unique travel experiences (combinations of lodges, destinations, activities and modes of transport) throughout Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands to each individual client's specific requirements.

I include a wide variety of Africa's best lodges in my itineraries but do not limit myself to just the very top end as often the experience is as good at a relatively less pricey destination. I pick and choose and combine products to suit each client, looking after them from the initial enquiry and then from arrival in Africa/Indian Ocean Islands right through until their departure home. All itineraries are fully inclusive, with lots of added value, and every trip is seamless and personalized.


Other destinations include:
  • Maldives
  • Mauritius
  • Principe
  • Reunion
  • Sao Tome
  • Seychelles

Specialist trips:
  • Antarctica
  • The Arctic


I have been in the travel industry since 2005 (prior to which I was a director of a conservation NGO for 4 years), where I helped build up, and ran several sectors of a high-end bespoke travel company. I was primarily responsible for handling bookings and dedicated my energies to creating specialized tailor-made itineraries for discerning clientele. After some years I decided to put my creativity and skills to greater effect and started Boundless Africa Safaris, a highly successful move! Of all the trips I have created I have never duplicated one. Each booking is treated as unique and special and is assessed on individual merit (the dynamics of the clients and what they want to see and do).

I also travel to as many of the destinations on my portfolio as I can find the opportunity to, in order to maximise my first-hand knowledge and understanding of the places so as to best know which clients to put with which experiences. I don't believe in selling standardised packages or just randomly sending clients to places unless I fully understand what they want and need, and can then make an educated decision on what will offer them the superlative travel experience and unforgettable memories. The whole experience hinges on the personal touch which I believe every client deserves.

Over many years I have built up a good reputation in the industry for integrity, high standards and for delivering superb quality trips and personalized service in the true sense, ... and bringing in a class and caliber of bookings and clients which appeal to the upper-end of the industry. It is quality over quantity which is important at this level of travel. I am directly representative of the clientele I deal with and therefore am well qualified to truly advise them on what best meets their needs and expectations.


Rowena Putter
Specialist Travel Consultant

+1 704 957 2842